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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday Tip

Make a date with your DELETE button. And don't break it.

While I've been away enjoying the holidays, a little blogging break and some much needed time away from computer, it's time to get the first post of the year done. But, that couldn't happen until I finished my work...on the computer. While I don't make New Year's resolutions, I do make lists. First up on the list for 2012? Clean up my computer files. The pictures, in particular, were out of control! I started with our family Christmas pictures from this year and worked my way back. Way back. Three years worth of vacations, holidays, birthdays, and way too many random shots. You know the kind. The ones you look back on and have no idea what was interesting about anything in the frame?
I took a picture of these birds from a family trip to Orlando in 2010 because I thought they were interesting.
The actual truth?
  I took it because we all thought they were conjoined...until they started to move. Yes, we felt stupid. Delete.

I started with the most recent images. I deleted duplicates and any undesirable shots, then cropped/edited (I don't know how to photoshop, but it's on the list of things I want to try to learn one day) any photos that needed to be cleaned up, and finally dragged what remained into labeled folders and copied each folder onto a disk and labeled it.
Three years of neglect took many hours, over a three day span to clean up.  But it was absolutely worth it to finally complete this task and put an end to worrying about losing cherished images forever. And, the added bonus is that now I won't be wasting time in the future looking for a particular image! The next step will be to print and frame some favorite pictures. It's been awhile since I've changed any family photos and now I'm really looking forward to doing it! Then it's on to tackling all those blog images I've accumulated...


  1. I am so with you, Rebecca! My goal is to delete old email messages. I find I have thousands..many b/c I need to respond or use the information. But, when I'm finding messages from 2009, I know it's time to hit delete.

    Happy New Year!!!
    xo Elizabeth

  2. I couldn't agree more!! I was in a meeting the other day and wanted to pull up some quick files..let's just say it was embarrassing --like showing someone a really messy room! Thanks for your kind comment. We are hanging in there. Here's to a great 2012!! xx

  3. You are so right! I need t clean up as my computer is running slow and no wonder.......thousands of photos and undeleted emails. It is freezing ouside so a good day to do this task. Thanks for the reminder. Happy New Year! XO

  4. I did part of my pictures last year but was looking last night and thought - HMMMMM- I really need to FINISH this job! xo Diana

  5. Rebecca would you please come do my computer next? I keep a years worth of pictures unsorted on my computer but the textiles alone overwhelms me. Deleting them unfortunately isn’t an option since I use them as a resource but I can put them in neat tidy little folders. This is going to take a while but I’ll be back…..


  6. Funny I have now I believe thousands of pics on my comp, some of which (OK many of which) are a complete waste of space and have to go...this is one of my many projects too which I have started, figured I would do a little bit every day....some you just look at and scratch your head kind of like your "conjoined birds up there"...happy deleting and happy new year!

  7. But those birds DO look conjoined to me too, until i 'really' look! lol. Glad you cleaned your files, and i'm certain a great weight has been lifted. Great way to begin 2012!

  8. Wasn't it nice to take a break? I did as well and I feel so much more focused and ready to take on the year. Great idea about the pics. It's overwhelming to think about getting started but so important.

  9. It does feel really good to complete a chore like you did.


  10. When I got my Mac Air last February, I made a point to discipline myself and become friends with the delete button. I'm happy to say, I've kept that promise rather well. It does help my mind remain clear!

    Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary! I look forward to what you have in store for us all this year!!


  11. I'm laughing right along with Elizabeth (pretty pink tulips) as I need to delete old emails too. It drives me insane yet I can't seem to find the time to make it happen. I really need to glue myself to my seat one evening and have a date with the delete button! Happy New Year. You've inspired me!

  12. Now that's a New Year's resolution that I should make time to follow. Am embarrased at how many useless multiple photos I have stored on my computer. Reggie

  13. great advice--on my list of things to clean.... why is this list so long???
    Wishing you a Happy New Year! XX Barbara

  14. Hi All,
    Just want you to know these comments are motivating me to tackle the email and blog images. I got up early this morning to make another big dent in my deletes! And the computer is running noticeably faster!!!

  15. I just cleaned out my e-mail subscriptions. Unsubscribed from about 40 junk mail e-mails I somehow was receiving. It's so refreshing to have a clean slate!


  16. Ok, this task is so overwhelming to me. I've started & stopped the process many times & can't get through the family/work pics I take myself (mainly b/c they keep growing). I did get all blog images somewhat together but it never ends!!! You've reinvigorated me. I'm on it.

  17. I love the conjoined birds. Everyone takes useless pictures - it is a part of life. My goal is to leave the camera home and actually enjoy what I am doing instead of always photographing it. Sometimes making a blog post out of every event gets a little annoying for David...

    I don't make resolutions. My only real vice is chocolate and I am not about to give that up.

    xo Terri

  18. I have been deleting and sorting into folders non-stop, since reading your I am back to say thanks! for the sure got me motivated!!
    Hope everyone keeps up the good work...

    Linda :o)

  19. Rebecca, I am soooo impressed. I don't know if I will ever accomplish that task but I cannot imagine how good it would feel to have that done. Good for you. Happy New year. Mona

  20. Linda,
    Based on the comments/emails from you and others, this turned out to be a great "group" project and it definately got me focused on cleaning/clearing not only items from my computer, but elsewhere around the house, that I didn't even make time to blog this week!

  21. I am called "the ranger" because I am constantly cleaning ranging sorting tossing deleting and on and on.
    I just try to to enforce my laws on the family to keep the entire park tidy.
    It is like entering a natural park and seeing litter. I hate that.
    Woo hoo for you. I am impressed.

  22. You are my idol in the organization department. I am starting on the email today!!


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