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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Tip

Clean out the electronics graveyard. In my case, it was a deep drawer in the secretary in my office. It's was chocked full of old cell phones and cables, many of which went to whose knows what? 
Put it on the to-do list!

In my commitment to go through every closet and drawer before the months end, this was the last area to get done. Other than matching the various parts to each cell phone,  I didn't have a clue what most of the other items were for or if they were needed. I solicited some help and in no time my husband had it all cleared out.
Into the donations box these went.

All the cell phones and one desktop computer were dropped off to our local Goodwill, who will properly recycle these items with various partners including Dell. There are many other options and great organizations where you can donate or recycle these items that can all be found via Google. 
Our son is a sophomore in college and only uses a laptop. He's asked for 2 years to have this removed from the desk in his room. I am sure he will be happy to see when he comes home on his next break that we were listening,
even if it took a ridiculously long time!

I also recently noticed Best Buy has designated recycle bins in the lobbies of their stores. Not only will you enjoy that extra drawer space, but feel good knowing someone will use these items and/or that were properly disposed!


  1. We're lucky here in the country because everything gets recycled right down to those plastic screw on lids on everything from toothpaste to juice. Plastic to go containers, everything you can think of, recycled. Only draw back is there is no trash collection in the country so you have to haul everything to the recycling center. TThat's why I own a truck!


  2. We just did the exact same thing. It felt really good to get rid of all our old phones and one old computer. xo Diana

  3. Congratulations on finding new homes for your old phones and computer.

    Someone will be happy
    Helen xx

  4. I hope you made sure the phones were clear of your personal info and the computer too. I have gotten rid of several computers after making sure the hard drive was destroyed. It's always a great feeling getting rid of that stuff! Can you believe it's Feb already?

  5. Strange...was leaving a comment and poof the screen went blank! Thanks for this...having just moved I have boxes and boxes of old but working chargers, cell phones, odd and end electronics but couldn't bring myself to chuck them, now I will put them in a box and give them to Goodwill and I will feel so much better knowing they are going to people who can use them and need them. THANKS!

  6. Just stumbled across this beautiful blog and thought I would sit and stay a while... I am your newest follower! Thank you for the enjoyment - I will be back soon!
    Have a wonderful day.

  7. Rebecca Good for YOU!!! and Kudos to YOU!!! You are staying on task and getting so much accomplished. I have had a couple of weeks of life getting in the way a bit, but now I am ready to get back on the horse and ride to the finish line!!! Woo Hoo!!

  8. Great information Rebecca...and congratulations on clearing all the gizmo's out...must feel terrific!
    xo J~

  9. I am VERY envious
    that you've managed
    to organize all of
    your drawers and
    closets. I finally
    re-organized my
    CHRISTMAS bins,
    this afternoon. It's
    a great feeling to
    organize, pitch and
    donate. Thanks for
    the inspiration to
    keep at it.....!

    xx Suzanne

    1. Nothing like the feeling of a well organized home. I need a little help in this department. Maybe your post will encourage me!

  10. I am so impressed you have all the parts! I really need to do this aw well :) Congrats!

  11. Such a timely post for me...........drawers of old cell phones, old printers, computers. It's a technological warehouse here! Shall take your advice and gets these things to a new home. XO

  12. Organization to me is as necessary as any other part of my daily routine dahhling!

  13. Rebecca I wish I was as organized as you. I really do. Your amazing.


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