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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Let's Fall In Love With: Thomas Smythe

No doubt that die-hard Sarah Richardson fans already know this man. And, like me, probably adore him for his personality. If you're a designer, you may also fantasize about having your own Tommy. Imagine daily  collaborations with someone who has such great taste and style? It's truly hard to imagine any project could be difficult to execute with him at your side. I really, really, really want a Tommy of my own!
This library Tommy created for a client was fantastic!
I remember well the first time I saw Tommy Smythe. He was on Sarah's first show Room Service. He was acting as the client, having a guest bedroom makeover. I remember it had a blue velvet headboard, beautiful gray-blue silk taffeta curtains and an antique balloon-back chair that was so pretty.
This client's blue velvet sofa that reminds me of that headboard from his guest room.
Back then, I recall he seemed a bit uncomfortable and maybe even nervous. Perhaps it just seemed that way compared to Sarah's effortless ease on camera. Now we know him as the the casually confident "side-kick" of Sarah's from Design Inc. and Sarah's House. I am a fan of SR as well, and there is no denying her talents, but the fact she has Tommy is what I most envy. Charming, fun and oh so talented in his own right. 
A living room off a clients kitchen with a red sofa! What I really love here is the wallpaper in the Victorian amoire.
 The fun print makes gives it a youthful twist and the black paint, a modern sophistication.
Such a great way to add style to a cherished piece that may be in need an update!

And since I tend to like designs that are more masculine, have a fondness for black and mixing metals, well let's just say every time I see a design he has created, I fall in love.
While I love a twist here and there in a traditional interior, and definitely feel every powder room should be a little jewel box, I must admit I wouldn't have the guts to apply this wall treatment to a client's powder room! On the other hand, the convex mirrors in the small stairwell, well I could pull that off in an instant at my house with my own growing collection!

I rarely see him on television these days, either episodes are not running in the US or I forget to check periodically. Thankfully, Canadian House & Home over the years has highlighted his work, including the interiors of his various apartments. I have many images of his designs saved on my computer, a lot to love.

All images courtesy of the January 2012 issue of Canadian House & Home. Photography by Angus Fergusson. 


  1. I love him too, and he reminds me SO much of one of my dear friends! I just watched one of their episodes yesterday afternoon. Thanks for sharing some of the work he does on his own, he has a great sense of style.

    Kat :)

  2. Tommy is amazing - we love him here. Yes, everyone needs a Tommy. What surprises me is that he is still Sarah's second, when he could so easily be doing his own projects. I did see his solo project in Canadian House & Home recently and wonder how much he does on his own. Sarah is awesome too. I used to live in mid-town Toronto and saw her about 5 times in my travels to shops and such...and at the odd decorating event.

    Terri xo

  3. So Chic & Elegant!
    Melissah from Country Style Chic

  4. I love Tommy too and Sarah and I could use one of each of them if they could sew. In other news I didn't go get that blue orchid I wasn't driving a fifty mile round trip for something dyed no matter how pretty. I bet the white and blue together are gorgeous!


  5. I couldn't agree with you more about Tommy! Love SR, too.

  6. I have to confess I know the name but haven't seen him on TV. Very talented guy!

  7. I especially love the navy living room! Talented designer.
    Happy MOnday.

  8. Agreed.....a unique vision....smiles

  9. Rebecca I am so with you on this one. Love love Tommy and he has grown in his camera presence and in his confidence to speak up to Sarah. I love when they banter about designs. Great post and fun to think about Tommy today.
    Happy Monday,

  10. He's adorable isn't he? I LOVE that powder bath and I WOULD definitely do it in MY house....may take some convincing on SOME clients!


  11. The question is who WOULDN"T want a Tommy - so fab!!

  12. Such gorgeous rooms I do love the red sofa!

    Art by Karena

  13. His style and taste are so beautifully zippy...I love the Victorian armoire!
    Here's to you one day having your very own Tommy!
    Happy Valentinne's Day! ♥
    xo J~


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