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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Tip

Chase away the winter blues, with a blue orchid!

Yes, blue. I assure you, it's real. I bought it The Home Depot. 

There were several, along with the usual white and purple orchids. Wonder how they make them blue? They are called Blue Mystique. Makes perfect sense.

It came in that little pot too. Under $30. Rather chic don't you think? Treat yourself to one!


  1. If only I could keep
    them alive long enough
    for all of the buds to
    bloom....They usually
    end of falling off; I kill
    them with kindness, I
    think! I DO love them,
    though ~ all the varieties.
    Haven't seen a Blue Mystique,
    until now : )

    Happy Tuesday,
    xx Suzanne

  2. How magnificent! Beautiful blue. Makes me think of the song 'Blue Hawaii'.. It looks as though it's lit from within!

  3. I have a few orchids that are several years old and bloom every year and now I need to add to my collection...a blue orchid? Wholly cow I love it! It's a fifty mile round trip for me to get to Home Depot so it's going to have to wait for the weekend and I'm there. It's gorgeous Rebecca!


  4. I am going to try an find one. How spectacular.

    Helen xx

  5. Oooh pretty! I've never seen a blue orchid!

    Kat :)

  6. very chic, like those sconces and that mirror. your taste is divine.....!! that blue is insane. i haven't seen "royal" blue like that in a long time, which is funny as i was just thinking about using some navy blue in one of my rooms just yesterday and it seemed so odd to be thinking of a blue that is not used much lately. this is insane!!

    xo terri

  7. Oh how fabulous! I do hope I can find them in the UK.

  8. Beautiful! I love the royal blue color. I hope the store here carries them!

  9. Orchids are my favorite so, I went to Home Depot in my area and they did not have it. Aww. But I got to see how pretty it is on your blog. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Enjoyed your photography! Flowers are made blue by forcing them to absorb blue dye. In the floral industry, that is frequently done with any white flower (especially white carnations ) rather simply. Put freshly cut flower in dye and the white flower will absorb the color. I read on the tag that next year when the orchid blooms, it will revert back to its original beautiful color...white. Try it with green, red, orange or purple. Stunning!

  11. I likie! Now tell me how you keep those suckers alive? I kill 'em like crazy!

  12. I have seen many things in my life dahhling, but I assure you NEVER a blue orchid! How magical indeed!

  13. I also have a blue one and it is very beautiful. I have only have had it for 1 month and it is still just a pretty as the day i got it

  14. in which state did you bought it?, I've looking for this color for a long time.

  15. Wow! That is absolutely stunning. I'm going to be on the look-out for one of these.

    And thanks for stopping by my little blog on Tuesday! It's been lovely to browse around yours.

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  17. I found one at a walmart last year and decided to wait to buy it. I hope I didn't pass up my only chance! It was beautiful. If I find another I will most definitely get it!

  18. we also have been told that the next time it blooms it will not be BLUE. as for killing them? tis recomended that only water them by way of an ice cube laying in on the dirt, once a week. other wise your drownding them. They are amazing if for no other reason the blooms stay on for a long time. then really healthy ones turn right around and bloom again in 2-3 months. We go to south Texas for the winter and wife takes hers with us.

    1. They are dyed blue and grow a set of flowers and drop and the new growth is a white flower.


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