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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday Tip

Making a list, checking it twice. Gonna find out who's naughty or nice! Or at least who is a nice host and ready for the holidays...and who is naughty and not prepared!

C'mon Santa, don't look so surprised!

Each year, I began focusing on the holidays the first 2 weeks of November. I find it hard to jump into decorating, baking and shopping if there are a bunch of incomplete tasks distracting me. I start by making 2 lists. The first is for non-perishable items I need to buy/stock and the second is for seasonal chores to complete. This year I actually feel a bit behind since retail has decided Christmas should arrive before Halloween this year. Did you notice too? Crazy!

Make your bar beautiful for the holiday season!!!

Purchase list:
bar basics
cheese straws
baking basics
hostess gifts(not wine or flowers!)

 Truffles, a holiday favorite!

Plenty of delicious crackers for your cheese selections.

Mixed olives are perfect for easy entertaining.

Chore list:
Break it down into categories so you don't feel overwhelmed.  Commit to tacking at least 2 items from each group to complete each week. Hire out what you can and solicit family members to help out. Motivating tip: tell your family you will not be able to shop for gifts or mail lists to Santa until the chores are complete!  This has been a great motivator at the A&A house for years.

clean oven(s)
wipe out silverware trays
wipe out fridge & freezer
clean out & organize pantry
check spices, toss any over a year old

Polish silver while listening to Christmas music.

polish silver
clean chandelier
launder & press table linens

  Launder & press table linens.

Guest relations:
sweep & tidy entryway
gather towels, sheets and soaps

Seasonal soaps are a nice gesture.

Be prepared for overnight guests with beautiful sheets.

deep clean every room of the house before Thanksgiving
send rugs out for cleaning or clean under them and rotate

clean windows
clean out gutters
chimney sweep
change batteries in all detectors

The dirtiest job!

Not only will you feel relieved by completing these items before the holidays get in full swing, you feel so much more prepared and ready to bake, shop for presents, and just enjoy the season!

What's on your list?

Images via Martha Sterwart for Ashley Hicks, Godiva, Williams-Sonoma, Ralph Lauren, Caswell- Massey, Google


  1. You did all the work for me, thank you! So timely! You're the best!

  2. I am so slack...I don't have a list!!!!!!
    Maybe I should make one and then I would know what I need to do next...perhaps I will pinch your list!

  3. I think I have told you this before, but you are seriously the most organized person I have ever met.
    Great tips...I need to copy down asap, so I don't have my husband running back and forth from Whole Foods when I have company coming.
    xx Danielle

  4. Great lists! I'm terrible, I never make list and then wonder why I'm not prepared!

  5. Great tips...wish I were so organized!

  6. I would love to share your list with my readers> May I? Of course you will get full credit and a link back!


  7. Great list and post. I'm pretty organized but love the idea of a little each week. Just bought my guest towels at Home Goods for the bathroom for the holidays. Great organizing tips.

  8. Oh, I'm getting anxious! So much to do and 2 sets of guests arriving before Thanksgiving and hosting Eddie and Jaithan for an event next week. I need to focus on deep breathing at this point! Love your list and all your suggestions!!

  9. Like you, I am in the middle of Christmas planning now! So Much Fun!

  10. I'm floored that the stores are earlier than ever this year with the holiday music and decorations! Great ideas for stocking up. I bought my first present last weekend and my list is ready to go!

  11. Oh my this is a wonderful list and you are WAY more organized than I am! How about I ditch my list and just come live with you for the next 2 months?!

    Kat :)

  12. Okay, I'm sitting here cracking are me! I am so list driven and love to be "on my game" during the holiday season. I am already done most of my holiday shopping (yes, purchased and wrapped...actually going to wrap a few things tonight when I'm done catching up on some blogs.) Your list is every single ideas!

  13. I think I need to print this out! You are so organized!!!

  14. I definitely need to get some stuff done soon. You are right about them pushing Christmas earlier and earlier. They might as well leave it up all year!

  15. Thanks for the breakdown!
    I tend to get a bit over-
    whelmed by it all.....Last
    year I even LOST weight over
    the holidays from all the
    activity! This year I'm
    hoping to have a better handle
    on things. Right now I'm
    working on gift-buying, so
    that I can enjoy the wrapping,
    the mailing and the Christmas
    card writing once December
    is here : ) I appreciate your
    inspired words, as always!
    xx Suzanne

  16. Great idea!wonderful list!Positive and cheerful attitude towards life that is YOU..wish I were so organized too!anyway,love the linens and the tables capes. inspiring :)

  17. wow! Great ideas . will you come and organize me?

  18. Such a great list...thanks for all of the suggestions!!

  19. OMG - so organized. I am duly impressed - if I get a quarter of this done I'll be happy!

  20. Dayum...I'm just gonna use your list! Fantastic!


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