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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday Tip

Toss your nuts! Remember when I said scattering your pumpkins across your table or buffet was the easiest thing? Well, I think I may have lied! Emptying out a bowl of nuts was in fact the easiest thing I have ever done to decorate a table. Flowers would have been nice and most welcome. But I decided not to dash out and spend any money and to use only what I already have and still come up with a new, but simple, variation of the Thanksgiving table.

This year we will be having a casual dinner for four. I started with a simple linen tablecloth and then layered an aqua and taupe Pashmina over it. I have many of these from my husband's travels. Some go to friends, some I wear and some I use to decorate!

I used my rattan chargers, simple bone china and seasonal leaf plates. Then added  two types of glasses, glittery copper candles, my favorite crystal candle sticks (I like to use 5, it reminds me of a small candelabra) and vibrant teal blue napkins. I think it's festive and ready for turkey and all the trimmings!

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. The table setting looks fabulous! Love the crystal candleholders and the blue stemmed glasses. Paradise for a squirrel!

  2. Your table looks lovely. I'd be terrified that the Pashmina would get soiled - you're braver than I. And I love the idea of nuts - I saw somewhere in the blogosphere hurricanes filled with chestnuts around the pillar candle - it looked great!

  3. Very pretty, I like the blue and brown theme. One does adore nuts (of the edible kind) which is one of the great pleasures of this time of year. Reggie

  4. Love this color combo..
    Hmmm....reminds me of
    one of my favorite blogs...!
    We will also be a simple
    four for Thanksgiving dinner
    this year and I'm taking
    a cue from you and keeping
    it simple yet fresh and fun.
    Thank you for the sneak peek!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    xx Suzanne

  5. Such a cute and easy idea! I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

  6. Love simple, yet fun and then after everyone can dive in and eat them up :)!

  7. I love it Rebecca, it's simple yet elegant.
    Your photos came out perfect and your dining room looks beautiful in the background.
    This is our first Thanksgiving in our home in years and we are just 4 as well. I'm actually really looking forward to it. Can't wait to see our boys :)
    Mine has been sick for weeks from burning the candle at both ends and I can't wait to nurse him back to health with good home cooking and lots of TLC.
    Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving

  8. Love the idea of the pashmina but would only use one I didn't care about wearing anymore - what I great idea for a runner. Now I'm mad I didn't buy a ton of them in Italy they were so cheap. I'm with you on the flowers - I'm trying to be economical and thought of the nuts..might steal your idea. I'm doing green this year - will post mine once I have the table set. Love the colors. It's four at our house too - normally it's 10-15 of all my friends who are not going anywhere and I'm looking forward to an intimate dinner. Have a great Thanksgiving. xo Table looks fabulous.

  9. I love using natural elements, like the nuts to decorate! Since I just had a round of house guests and my mom arrives today...I have yet to set the table for Thanksgiving. Tomorrow, I'm getting on it....and I may just need to pile on the nuts!
    xo elizabeth

  10. Blue and brown is always one of my favorite color combos and it looks great on your table. Just set the table here today using rattan chargers too. Cathy

  11. I love it how beautiful, unusual and cool. I'm impressed!! I'm sad to say my design vibe does not extend to table settings...perhaps it's because I'm a known danger in the kitchen, therefore I never get any practice!!!

  12. Sounds like a small intimate, lovely time. I wish you all the best. Happy thanksgiving. Mona

  13. Ok...but can I be jealous. We always sem to be so much in the middle of life, that decorating the table happens the day of...if not the hour of.

    One day.

    A beautiful, heartfelt and thankful day to you!

  14. Love the colors and the natural setting for all those lovely nuts.

  15. Could you tell us the paint brand and color of your dining room? Thank you


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