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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Tip

Get fruity. In case you haven't heard citrus is trending. Really. I know, gave me a chuckle too. Isn't citrus always "in" for summer. Apparently not...according to the experts. It has been declared citrus colors of orange, yellow and green are "in" for Summer 2011.  So here's two simple, attractive and low costs ways to be a little trendy and enjoy citrus!

Lemons look good in just about anything. Picked these up at the grocer. I purchased the little wicker trays at Smith & Hawkin years ago. I think a trio of these would be the perfect centerpiece for a casual gathering.

Purists, your eyes do not deceive you....I used hydrangea leaves from my garden!!!
Tiny tip: next time your lemons come without leaves, improvise!

Basket of limes. Summer staple. I just grab this and take it out on the deck. Mojito? Conona?

Fruit lined up reminds me of the farmers market. Clementines, limes and apricots.
 Huh? Oops...just pretend they're lemons!
I took this photo before I read in a magazine citrus was trending.
  I was just going to talk about (again) how much I love utilizing things that serve multiple purposes.
The last time you saw these baskets used was with their glass liners from a favorite post last year.

Hope your first day of summer has been a juicy one!!!

All photos courtesy of A&A


  1. Love this post and your picture quality is out of this world!! What kind of camera is that? I feel like I could reach in and snatch one of those perfect lemons from the basket. I love using lemons and limes for decor so glad that when I do this summer I will be "following the trends", heaven forbid I display a lemon or lime when it isn't chic to do so:)
    Love your hydrangea leaf tip.....a good one! Your neat orderly boutiful baskets brimming with the earths goodness are gorgeous!

  2. Rebecca it is great to use what we have and natural elements!! Love what you have done!!

    Art by Karena

  3. Yes! I always keep limes and mint for last minute Mojitos!!

    ciao from Newport Beach

  4. When you are given lemons....make lemonade! I love that you always have everything looking zesty and fresh squeezed. Thanks for your kind comment in regard to the grads.

  5. Who knew that citrus was in?! I'm like you - it's always in chez moi as well. Love your shots - and agree with Tina - beautiful quality!! Also love multi purpose things around the house - especially ones that "contain"!!

  6. Juicy tips and beautiful displays!!! I was putting some hydrangea in a vase this week and taking off some of the leaves...thinking, they are so pretty. I'll have to set some aside to show off my lemons!!

    And, yes, I'll take a Corona with a lime, please!
    xo Elizabeth

  7. how fabulous the fruit looks!!
    the idea of adding the leaves is 'GENIUS'


  8. I love just about anything 'fruity' but 'citrus-y' is my fave!

  9. Love your pictures of the fruit Rebecca and I'm with you I thought citrus was always "in" during summers. I'll take a mojito please!

  10. Your picture quality is out of this world! How fabulous the fruit looks!

    Silver MLM

  11. I love when something so simple is presented so beautifully- just as you have done here!

    happy weekend!

  12. Hi all, thanks for the compliments. I have a basic Cannon digital from Costco! I find that natural light and a steady hand works wonders with lower end cameras, so I try to take photos when I'm not rushing or have had too much java!

  13. I love a blue bowl with lemons or limes in it for the summer and they smell so good in the kitchen. Great images REbecca, Kathysue

  14. very refreshing post!!! i love anything lemony!!! have a great week!!!

  15. Very nice, I also love tangerines in a bowl with some leaves. Not as easy to find though!

  16. I love lemons and limes - for colour in the kitchen and for eating. I have a glass water jug full of lemons sitting on top of my fridge and a bowl full of green limes on my kitchen bench. Ange


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