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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Tip

Listen to the voice. The nagging one inside your head that says "I'm going to take care of that...tomorrow." We all have a list of small aggravating things we keep meaning to get done around the house.

I plan to cross several items off my list this summer so I can shut the voice up...and sleep better!

My first item that came off the list today:

I finally got around to cutting the fringe short on two rugs. I don't like it long.
I find it distracting and it's a trap for dust and pet hair. Not to mention it gets tangled in the vacuum.
So when I acquire a rug that has it, I cut it short.  One five strand knot at a time.


Almost there.  I don't worry about getting it perfectly straight, afterall it wasn't before!

Tools needed: one firm piece of cardboard or poster board,  a brush to get the knots out and scissors.
Tiny tip: I've found that titanium scissors make the cleanest and easiest cuts.

One more. Upstairs hall runner.


While I was blocking the the kids to clean out their backpacks, desks and closets.
Yield: two bags of trash. A bonus item crossed off the list!!!


  1. Oh No!!! Now you are making me look at my list,that is in my head, Oh dear I should have read this first thing in the morning instead of right before I go to bed. I am going to have to play a Scarlet on this one,"I'll think about that tomorrow!" That was said in my sweetest Southern accent, xo Kathysue

  2. Have you ever taught classes on de-cluttering? I think you really are such an inspiration....but I bet totally not to your kids.

  3. BEST FEELING EVER! I have a huge and growing list myself.....I tend to do these things in spurts, I get into a cleaning/organizing frenzy where I am unstoppable and then there will be a lull where I will know full well whats to be done but cannot manage to get it into gear. So in honor of this reminder, I am going to tackle two things this week. Thank you for the reminder, love the feeling of when you have actually cross something off that list!

  4. PS Stop by, doing a wonderful giveaway for a signed book

  5. I love your runner do you remember where you got it?

  6. I have to get going on my "to do" list. But normally I take the summer off and do this in the fall, yea I know what you are thinking "more procrastination" you are probably right:-)

  7. Long fringes on area rugs seem to always look messy.
    Removing the fringe altogether is labor intensive, and can affect the strength and integrity of the rug.
    You've provided a great solution!
    The method I use is to tediously flatten the fringe and then apply double sided painters tape, creating a flat edge to act as my cut line. If the fringe tends to unravel after being trimmed, a dab of clear nail polish on the ends works beautifully.
    Good luck with tackling the rest of your list. You've inspired me to get to work on my own!

  8. You can come to my house any time!! You are clearly so far ahead of me considering that your list included cutting the rug fringe!! Mine includes getting a handle on my horrendous paper problem, catching up on all of the laundry and ironing, and basic filing. It would be a pleasure to get to the more aesthetic issues!!

  9. Doesn't it feel great to even check just one item off your list?! Always a grand feeling. Oh do I remember the cleaning out of the backpacks at the end of a school year. Always a big task. Wishing you and yours a fabulous 4th of July celebration.

    Cheers ~ Deb

  10. I like the rug fringe cut short....I'm not fringy either! I prefer rugs without!
    You make me feel lazy.....sort of. Rode 30 miles today, did some volunteering and then pretty much nothing else. Trying to get caught up on my bloggy reading! Oh and if you have an iphone/ipad/droid, come play 'words with friends' with me....username...NaeBikerChic! Another thing to keep me from doing what I need to be doing!

  11. I have three very
    specific projects
    that I keep putting
    off that I have dubbed
    "albatrosses." Until
    I can get to THOSE,
    I'm going to wield
    my scissors and get the
    quick satisfaction of
    banishing my own fringe!
    Because, YES, it's always
    a pain and NO, it doesn't
    add a thing. Great tip!
    xx Suzanne

  12. PVE, they were less than thrilled, especially the college kid!

    Marybeth, sorry to say I am of no help, my husband brought it back from his travels.

    Mwaxter, funny-funny!

    Wendi, I love this tip...thanks!

    Q, I still have plenty of big items too, but this one was free and easy!

    P&H, I agree, it really adds nothing!

  13. Bonjour!
    Great blog and great tips. You have such a positive outlook on everything and it's nice to see that. Looking forward to your future blogs.
    Come check us out sometime!

    -Jessica & Holly


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